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Sign up now for a school or nonprofit fair trade fundraiser! Schools and nonprofits receive 25% of product sales and artisans and farmers around the world receive a fair price for their beautiful and sustainable products.

All fundraisers require the code assigned by your school or organization. Once the specific code is entered, all the products and prices assocated with that fundraiser will come up for purchase online.

FairTrade Caravans is a social enterprise and new distribution channel for selling fair trade products from around the world through school, non profit and corporate programs. We offer high quality products that have a human face and story behind them.

We will educate school, nonprofit and corporate communities about the benefits of fair trade and provide a program where they can sell or purchase fair trade products and receive a share of the profits for their own fundraising or corporate giving goals.

FairTrade Caravans will educate, inspire and give back by demonstrating how fair trade directly helps people in developing countries earn a sustainable living, all while supporting local communities.

FairTrade Caravans will think and act globally and locally.

Why Fair Trade?

By buying fair trade products you are supporting farmers and artisans in developing countries who are socially and economically marginalized. These producers often face steep hurdles in finding markets and customers for their goods.

Please watch this movie trailer to see a specific example of how buying fair trade coffee increases the quality of life for a farmer in Ethiopia.

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