Support the workers who provide that soothing cup of tea!


Most of the tea in the world is grown on large plantations where millions of hired workers both live and work in poor conditions, with wages often below the national average. There is a high incidence of medical problems as workers are exposed to large amounts of pesticides which are banned in the consumer countries but freely used in the developing world. A large number of children work on the plantations alongside their parents, as they rarely have access to schooling, meaning there is little hope that they will do anything else but follow in their footsteps.

Our tea supplier, Level Ground Trading, has direct relationships with growers who own and operate the tea gardens and rely on the sale of tea as their primary source of income. All of the processing of the tea is done by hand in very small drying facilities at each tea garden that employs between 5 and 20 laborers. These fair trade tea estates have a workers' organization to represent their interests including a living wage, a minimum level of housing as well as schools and clinics.

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