FairTrade Caravans works with clubs and teams to educate their members and assist with their fundraising goals. 

Earn 25% of product sales for your club or team by promoting the powerful purchase of fair trade products. By doing so your group will earn significant financial benefits while supporting farmers and artisans in developing countries. For more information or to sign up.

Fundraising Program

FairTrade Caravans provides an easy to implement program for family, friends and communities to order fair trade products that includes:

  • 25% of product sales back to your club or team for fundraising
  • Dynamic online catalog with high quality, curated fair trade products
  • Marketing support and enrichment program
  • Secure, dedicated online ordering
  • Dashboard for school representive to track orders and funds raised
  • Order delivery and management
  • Customer service

In order to purchase products, each club/team will have a specific code that will take constituents to a unique page with products and pricing for their fundraising event. To see a sample event with products and pricing, please enter code Sample in the Participants [Enter Code] box above.

Enrichment Program

FairTrade Caravans provides educational resources and information about fair trade for schools, students and parents to access directly or through the classroom. We present students, their families and school communites with an engaging and informative view of the fair trade industry, the benefits of buying fair trade and the people behind it. Content will include:

  • What/where is fair trade
  • How fair trade helps everyone along the supply chain
  • Age appropriate activity and/or videos
  • Real stories 
  • Show how local action connects to global impact

Why Fair Trade Fundraising?

Many traditional fundraisers often involve mass-produced products such as candy loaded with high-fructose corn syrup, toxic candles or bad-for-the rainforest wrapping paper. There is little information about where and how these products are made and priced. Many school/team/club fundraisers offer children more "stuff" to incentivize them as opposed to teaching them about our global community and the people in it.

Our products are fair trade certified - ethically made and sustainable - from small communities and Co-Ops around the world. They allow people to farm and create using their ethnic practices, keeping their cultural heritage alive.

FairTrade Caravans’ progressive fundraisers provide an enrichment component as well as a business model that considers health, environmental and fair trade issues. For more information or to sign up.

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