FairTrade Caravans will work with companies to educate their employees and assist with their corporate giving goals. 

As more and more corporations are promoting ethical practices to their employees, we will help by administering fair trade programs with companies to educate and sell to their employees, donating a percentage of profits to a local organization of their choice. 

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FairTrade Caravans can be part of a cause marketing program to enhance a company’s brand, maximize their business, and build customer affinity, all while helping communities in developing countries. We can “partner for good” in helping to meet corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals while increasing customer loyalty, solidifying the brand and growing the business.

Educational Program
FairTrade Caravans will provide a 30-60 minute educational presentation about fair trade to company employees. The goal is to present to the corporate community an upbeat and uplifting picture of the fair trade industry, the benefits of buying fair trade and the people behind it. Content will include:

  • What/where is fair trade
  • Types of products
  • How fair trade helps everyone along the supply chain
  • Real stories and/or speaker
  • Show how local action connects to global impact

Corporate Giving Program

FairTrade Caravans will work with companies to provide a simple process for viewing and ordering products that consist of:

In order to purchase products, each company will have a specific code that will take constituents to a unique page with products and pricing for their corporate giving event.

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