Suppliers to FairTrade Caravans have been fully vetted and are fair trade certified or verified. They bring goods from small and medium producers in developing countries directly to markets in North America and Europe, thereby eliminating middlemen and maximizing profits where they are most needed. These are high qality products with a human face and story behind them. 

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Level Ground Trading provides a level playing field on which disadvantaged producers have greater opportunity in the marketplace, in an effort to alleviate poverty in developing countries through trade.  Their mission is to trade fairly and directly with small-scale producers of coffee, tea, dried fruit, rice and spices in developing countries, and to market their products in North America, offering customers ethical consumer choices.

Divine Chocolate is a pioneering fair trade chocolate company, co-owned by 85,000 farmer members of Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana.  Their mission is to improve the lives and opportunities of small-scale cocoa farmers in West Africa by establishing a dynamic, branded fair trade chocolate marketing company, thus putting the farmers higher up the value chain.

African Bronze Honey is an educational social-enterprise project between Zambia and Canada. They have partnered with a unique, organic, Zambian honey producer that empowers rural Africans to be financially self-sufficient in an environmentally sustainable way.

Quilling Card, rooted in Vietnam, has assembled a team of artisans who are passionate about quilling.  Quilling is the art of hand rolled, shaped, and glued paper that results in creating a unified, decorative design. Quilling Card artisans create greeting cards and other gift items. Their two fair-trade certified workshops are in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam employing over 300 artisans.

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