Suppliers to FairTrade Caravans have been fully vetted and are fair trade certified or verified. They bring goods from small and medium producers in developing countries directly to markets in North America and Europe, thereby eliminating middlemen and maximizing profits where they are most needed. These are high qality products with a human face and story behind them. 

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Abrazo Style is an apparel and accessories manufacturer based in Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico, which structures its brand around the principles of fair trade. Blending rich indigenous craft traditions with contemporary fashion, their artisan-made line offers masterful workmanship in woven totes and jewelry. They work with family groups of indigenous artisans who design and craft their products using skilled sewing and weaving skills.

African Bronze Honey is an educational social-enterprise project between Zambia and Canada. They have partnered with a unique, organic, Zambian honey producer that empowers rural Africans to be financially self-sufficient in an environmentally sustainable way.

Baskets of Cambodia purses and baskets are made with great care by a dedicated staff in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  They are committed to a transparent business model and publish all employee wages paid to show their commitment to fair trade. They also empower artisans by offering them non-scheduled work hours; eco friendly dyes and pesticide free grass materials to work with along with benefits and paid vacations.

Child's Cup Full is a non-profit social enterprise with a mission to create lasting economic opportunities for refugee and low-income communities in the West Bank. At their artisan center, they train and employ talented women artisans to make handmade learning materials and other handcrafted products for the global marketplace. Theses artisans either come to the workshop or work from their homes allowing them to be with their families.

Divine Chocolate is a pioneering fair trade chocolate company, co-owned by 85,000 farmer members of Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana.  Their mission is to improve the lives and opportunities of small-scale cocoa farmers in West Africa by establishing a dynamic, branded fair trade chocolate marketing company, thus putting the farmers higher up the value chain.

Five North Chocolate makes delicious, antioxidant-rich, vegan, fair trade dark chocolate made with wholesome ingredients sourced from sustainable partnerships with farmers around the world. They are committed to sourcing only the highest quality, Fair Trade Certified™ cocoa from around the world.

Lake Champlain Chocolates is a locally owned Vermont company that sources non-GMO ingredients from around the globe. They believe in improving the LCC experience for everyonefrom cacao farmers to customers to every hard working person and supplier along the way. Their Fair for Life - Social and Fair Trade Certification goes above and beyond by not only looking at individual ingredients, but at company practices as a whole.

Level Ground Trading provides a level playing field on which disadvantaged producers have greater opportunity in the marketplace, in an effort to alleviate poverty in developing countries through trade.  Their mission is to trade fairly and directly with small-scale producers of coffeeteadried fruit, rice and spices in developing countries, and to market their products in North America, offering customers ethical consumer choices.

Living Imprints works with artisans in the Jaipur region of India known for the traditional art form of hand-block printing, a centuries-old craft which is passed down from generation to generation. Utilizing a hand carved teak wood block a master craftsman dips the block into dyes and then stamps the block onto cotton or silk fabric. The border is first laid down and then the center is created. Each color is layered one on top of the next to create the overall pattern. It can take up to 10 days to create textiles and linens.

Marquet artisans from Thailand and Vietnam create handmade scarves, jewelry and gifts. Their goal is to empower artisans and entrepreneurs by expanding their potential to reach a larger audience as part of a fair trade business model. Artisan collectives’ employ hundreds of crafts people, offering both full-time and part-time opportunities, as well as the chance to work from home. Their workshops provide a great social environment for their employees that make for a happy, productive staff.

Matr Boomie brings people and cultures closer together while respecting the earth and fueling the social and economic standing of underprivileged artisans in India. The artisans they work with make many different handicrafts including jewelry, wallets and children's products. They model their business after the fair trade principles that include anti-slave and anti-child labor, environmentally friendly processes, fair and living wages, a healthy work environment, gender equality and transparency.

Quilling Card, rooted in Vietnam, has assembled a team of artisans who are passionate about quilling.  Quilling is the art of hand rolled, shaped, and glued paper that results in creating a unified, decorative design. Quilling Card artisans create greeting cards and other gift items. Their two fair-trade certified workshops are in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam employing over 300 artisans.

Revy works with an artisan group in Santa Rosa, El Salvador who design and make wallets and belts which come from old, discarded rubber tires. In El Salvador tires litter the roadsides and provide a means to breed mosquitoes that carry malaria. Removing these tires from the road helps to clean up the environment and give the artisans free materials to make their products.  The recycled rubber products they design and produce are sturdy and rugged and provide a safe work environment for all of the employees at the workshop.

WorldFinds' mission is to partner with artisans in India to create positive change, build hope, and design beautiful, sustainable jewelry for a better world. Committed to fair trade principles in everything they do, they use fashion and design as a tool to alleviate poverty. Since their beginning in 2001 they have been able to employ hundreds of women artisans, offer educational programs for their artisans, send girls to school, improve communities, and expand healthcare initiatives.

Zen Zen is an artisan workshop in Bali that supports and promotes traditional, indigenous handcrafts, including home goods, made by village artisans working in their homes and workshop. They use ecologically sustainable, natural materials such as bamboo, vetiver, capiz shell and organic cotton. Practicing the ethical code they call the "5 R's", all artisans learn to reduce, re-use, recycle, refuse and repair. Everyone employed by Zen Zen receives a fair living wage, health insurance, a pension plan and good working conditions.

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