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As consumers from all walks of life are becoming increasingly likely to demand more sustainable, more ethical products, FairTrade Caravans is expanding the fair trade market in Metrowest Boston and beyond through school, team/club and nonprofit fundraisers. Schools, clubs/teams and nonprofits will receive educational resources along with 25% of product sales to go towards their programs. 

“The FairTrade Caravans’ staff was accommodating and provided all the resources we needed with minimal effort on our end.”

Sarah M.
Making Community Connections Charter School

FairTrade Caravans sells products from developing countries sourced under fair trade standards. Fair trade is a social movement whose stated goal is to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and to promote sustainability. 

FairTrade Caravans was conceived when founder, Carol Fassino, decided to use her background as a marketing and operations professional along with her long-term interest in global affairs to create this social enterprise.

As a parent, Carol has been exposed to many school fundraisers that offer mass-produced products offering children more "stuff" to incentivize them. There is little information about where and how these products are made and priced. As a citizen, she found there are few ways to learn about fair trade and the products produced by the industry. With FairTrade Caravans, schools, nonprofits and companies receive a transparent program that provides information about product origin and how they are priced.

Carol is supported by a group of advisors including: 

Diane Fassino, President, Fassino Design, branding, marketing and website design
Christine Mont-LaButte, Business Development, Product Selection and Buying
Liz Robinson, Business Advisor, Marketing Strategy
Hope Casey, MBA, Business Advisor, Business Strategy
Diana Edwards, CPA MST, Officer, Murphy, Edwards, Goncalves & Ferrera, PC, finance and accounting
Melina O'Grady, EdM, Education Consultant, enrichment programming


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Fundraising with FairTrade Caravans!

March 7, 2019

FairTrade Caravans LLC approved as a Fair Trade Federation Member! The Fair Trade Federation is a membership organization of businesses who practice 360° fair trade. FTF membership represents an entire organization, not just an individual product. This commitment represents a high bar of fair trade, where each and every business decision is made with the well-being of artisans and farmers in mind.

July 25, 2018

FairTrade Caravans LLC profiled on the Audrey Hall Show. In this interview, Carol Fassino, Founder of FairTrade Caravans, discusses fair trade, what makes FairTrade Caravans a social enterprise and how fair trade fundraising helps both schools and nonprofits raise funds while also allowing farmers and artisans around the world receive a fair price for their products.

January 21, 2018

FairTrade Caravans LLC profiled in the MetroWest Daily News. In this article, titled "Let's make a GOOD deal", Carol Fassino, Founder of FairTrade Caravans, discusses connecting local and global communities through fair trade fundraising and how this social enterprise's unqiue education program helps students understand the people and cultures behind the products they sell to raise money for their school.